We call ourselves Bando, since as a digital media agency, we are aware of teamwork’s importance. We believe that permanent, creative and, impressive results may only be achieved through teamwork.

As a word, Bando means a music group created by members, each of whom are experts in their own fields…

Numerous sounds are played by the group members in harmony, and it leads to the emergence of melodious, tuneful and beautiful sounds; therefore a band is one of the examples of teamwork.

As for us, a digital agency, who is well aware of the importance of teamwork, we took our name accordingly. We believe that permanent and creative solutions, which also leave an impression on the user, are achieved as a result of teamwork.

While Bando is a relatively new agency in the field, it is a digital agency which has duly completed all the large-scale projects it assumed, delivered the projects in a manner satisfactory to its clients, and therefore, it gained serious experience.

It has been our purpose to offer alternative solutions to our clients, through embracing their companies, and analyzing and planning their needs accurately.

Our aim is to extend our customer portfolio in all areas, and do business with different brands. For we are aware that, the best speaker for a brand is its works. For the relevant reason, we complete and deliver all the works we undertake in the best manner possible, regardless of whether it is small-scale or large-scale. As Bando, we also attach importance to accurate analysis of our clients’ needs. To achieve this, we provide an environment where we can work with our client, while we are also in personal contact, if necessary, and to generate solutions this way is a big delight for us.

We always aim to add value to our client’s corporate structure and identity, and to increase brand recognition and reliability, without ignoring the values of the brand. Our target is to become the advisor for the brand, not in the short-term, but in the long-term, and to ensure that it reaches its customers in the righters manner, through our supports.

We put our signature under new projects, each passing day…

Please contact us to discover what we can do for you…