Thanks to our wide experience, expertise and knowledge, we are able to see the technology, science, communication, and web world in the clearest manner possible!
We provide help to you with regard to the development and application of strategies for digital media. We offer solutions in order for our clients to manage all these processes in an efficient manner, and to reach their targets quickly. We achieve this through our experienced, creative, and innovative team. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our team, we plan, design, and develop big projects in many subjects.
  • Web-Based Projects
    We develop projects unique to individual and institution. We also develop special corporate websites tailored for your brand. We present you to your customers through designs and software programs unique to you. The projects we develop are generally web-based, and often have infrastructures enabling them to run online-offline. If you share with us the project in your mind, we will provide all the support necessary to put your project into practice, as if it was ours. We also thoroughly enjoy to appear in projects such as intranet and extranet tailored for companies.
  • Mobile Application Development
    (Native & Hybrid)
    As of today, provision of service to your clients or users, merely through a website, would be inadequate, since usage habits changed seriously, and mobile use increased. For the relevant reason, we take your project, or the website where you make product sales, to mobile platforms. While doing this, we provide you alternatives through native or hybrid solutions, which are conform to your budget and your project. By courtesy of the experience we acquired, we implement the platform and the solution most accurate for you.
  • Social Media Management
    Social media platforms are among the most important tools of marketing strategies… We determine the right environments for your brand or for your products, and we carry out the accurate brand positioning. We carry out your media planning through determining the right target audience and also generating creative content, and we represent you on social media platforms accordingly. We follow the wants and comments of your customers, and we ensure that you are informed with the right data. We analyze the interaction numbers of your brands or products through reporting processes, and we share our contribution with you.
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
    By courtesy of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts, displayed in an accurate and meticulous manner, it is possible to move up in search engines each passing day, and therefore to reach more people. It is essential to increase the number of visitors of your website, and also to increase the sales volume of your project or product. SEO improvements are also important to ameliorate user experience, in addition to increasing the volume or the number of visitors. Particularly, taking into account that the digital world is predominant today in each industry, the SEO efforts to be displayed will definitely reduce your costs. We also provide you service in the relevant subject, through our experienced team, by following algorithm updates.
  • E-Commerce Projects, B2C & B2B
    We ensure you to make sales via your website or via mobile platforms through software programs and designs tailored for you, thanks to solutions unique to your project or products. In addition to standard e-commerce processes, we also support you achieving your targeted sales by creating scenarios tailored for your project. By measuring the user experience, we bring the procurement processes to the optimum degrees. In addition to different campaign/coupon modules, we also develop software programs tailored for you, and make your product management and post-sales processes manageable. In brief, we facilitate your business processes.
  • Ad/Campaign Management
    After a software program tailored for you, and SEO efforts displayed meticulously, advertisement activity is the third most essential activity to increase your brand recognition, and product or service sales. The right environment and campaign management will contribute both to your budget and your targets, positively. We aim for you to become even stronger, through managing your ads/campaigns on Google Adwords and other social media platforms efficiently.
  • Content Management
    We manage the content, design, maintenance and update processes of your website. We ensure that contents are broadcast in suitable formats and in conformity with SEO. We eliminate errors of your website, if any. In consequence of R&D efforts conducted, we determine your deficiencies or technological novelties, which we share with you. We regularly issue detailed reports on website statistics, and provide you information.
  • Project & Technology Consultancy
    We predict any problems, which may be encountered with regard to your project, from gestation to broadcasting process, along with their solutions, and we provide you support accordingly. We conduct the necessary researches in order for your ideas to be developed. We determine your income model and your business management processes. By courtesy of the experience we acquired with regard to software, design, and the right platform, we also take into account your budget, and ensure you to take the right decisions. We find the companies, which provide the most suitable service in terms of price/performance, and we orient you towards them, in order for your hardware, server, and technology costs to be reduced.